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I am a SuperMom!

I am a SuperMom !

This site is dedicated to all moms.

Whether you believe it or not, all moms are supermoms. 🙂

I truly believe it, as I have been juggling with different role hats for quite a few years now!

I play the role of a wife, which, in India means married to the man, his parents, his siblings, his friends, his colleagues and his native place!

I play the role of a mom which in itself is a multirolled role.

I am a cook, an accountant, a financier, a relationship manager, a spokesperson, a peace maker, a teacher, a counsellor, a sports teacher, a hitler at times but the best role is of giving birth to the new lives.

I may not be always good, but for my family I do my best.

I may not be the most loved, but I love my family the most.

I may not pass all the test, but I am sincere and give my best.

I may not be the best mom, but I am still a SuperMom. 🙂 …